Selling properties on Blocities, it offers you trust and transparency: Blockchain technology offers a verifiable and censorship-resistant option for sharing information.

How can the blockchain influence
your next real estate purchase?


How can the blockchain influence
your next real estate purchase?

With the constant (and somewhat swift) evolution of the regulation of tokenized assets, it is possible for you to make trades in any currency with the use of cryptocurrency.

So far, the currency market has not been successful in its bid to influence the values of cryptocurrency. Therefore, real estate owners can make transactions regardless of what their local currency may be.

This opens up doors for intercontinental trade and helps you ensure the purchase of that overseas properties that you have always dreamed of.

Why consider blockchain?

Blockchain signals an imminent replacement of third-party organizations by utilizing clever cryptography. It has been projected that blockchain would have a significant impact on the future of how we buy and sell real estate, since, with the blockchain, there shall no longer be trade barvvriers between countries in the global market.

The blockchain is poised to bring significant change to the way transactions are done in real estate transactions. This is because many experts agree that the current tracking systems for the purchase and sale of real estate are disjointed and inefficient.

The trade process at the moment involves some an intermediary or some exchange point that takes days for the final exchange to occur. With our blockchain network, the speed at which real estate is going to be traded will be significantly hastened; hence, real estate trade can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

That’s not all; the use of blockchain can increase the efficiency in the overall trading process of real estate. This is simply because blockchain uses a transparent model to ensure accountability, as well as security.

What does the future hold?

The ‘future’ that many speak regarding blockchain may be closer than we think. There is a massive opportunity for the standardizing of real estate data into a secure database. This window of opportunity opens up new ways to store information, such as land records, property listings, and leases.

Although these possibilities are enviable when imagined, it is going to take a lot to get from where we are today to the desired future. Although industries, such as real estate, can immensely from the use of blockchain for its processes, it’ll be a monumental shift to incorporate blockchain into the real estate value chain.

Perks of trading on the blockchain

Businesses, as well as individuals, can enjoy the range of benefits that come with trading on the
blockchain. These include:

Cross-Border Transactions

Trading methods often come with multiple difficulties to do with tax laws, exchange rates, difficulty in transferring funds, to name but a few. With the use of blockchain technology, these problems are non-existent through a process called tokenization.


Transparency: Blockchain is a great way to trade because it allows users, as well as developers, to see what is going on. Also, this makes it impossible for anyone to alter data that has been entered into the database, making it a safe and transparent technological advancement.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs: Buying and selling properties on the blockchain is an excellent way of saving on transaction costs. This is due to the removal of the third party (often a bank) and all the associated fees.

The Blockchain Has Many Applications

What makes the blockchain universal is how it can be implemented for just about any transaction, record-keeping, or agreement between one or more parties. These can include:

Smart contracts
Supply chain management
Property rights
Criminals records
Voting and elections
Intellectual rights, patents, trademarks
Medical records and history
Personal documents and credit history

As long as there is information that represents an agreement or record, the blockchain can record, encrypt, and protect that information for eternity.

At Blocities, we have simplified the real estate buying process for buyers and sellers. Instead of many weeks of process, a lot of paperwork and financial risk you can buy and sell the properties in just few minutes. On Blocities platform, you can transfer property rights electronically from one owner to another, sign legal documents and take payment immediately. When you choose to accept BTC or pay with it, you have made the transaction processes more efficient: Real estate transactions are still conducted through wire transfers and entail costly verification processes that can take days to be fully executed. Blockchain-based transactions can allow a streamlined process which delivers quickly and reduces costs.

Transacting on Blocities, you have extremely reduced the use of intermediaries: Many intermediaries will be a thing of the past by our blockchain - approaches, as records could be stored, verified, and transferred using blockchain technology. Eliminating the need for intermediaries will intensely reduce costs and save time.