Once you save your titles on Blocities through our smart contracts, it protects you from diverse kinds of property fraud. It is possible to link the digital ownership of your property, documents, and contracts directly to the blockchain. Once it’s inside the blockchain, it is impossible for it to be tampered with or altered, the property can be saved as a hash file within the blockchain.

Tiles on the blockchain is immutable and therefore more reliable than data on a website or centralized server.
Once it's saved on Blocities, your great-great-grandchildren can search it and find you as the bonafide owner of the property, that’s the power of blockchain.
A smart contract would act like a really good judge…… Jimmy Song


You’re the one making the agreement, there’s no need to rely on broker or lawyer


Your documents are encrypted on a shared ledger


On the blockchain, your documents are duplicated many times over


Smart contracts save your money since they knock out the presence of an intermediate


Smart contracts are not only faster and cheaper but also the errors that come from manually fulling out heaps of forms