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About us

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Blocities uses a blockchain-based approach to solve the most pressing challenges in today’s global real estate industry. From fraud and liquidity issues, to challenges around property management and record keeping, Blocities works hand in hand with local real estate companies and real estate agents to ensure transparency throughout the real estate process.

Our blockchain system provides adequate information regarding assets and property listings, ensures impenetrable documentation through a blockchain-based recordkeeping process, and offers secure payment through blockchain.

Today, it is almost impossible to hear about businesses and trade without referencing blockchain and its importance to the trading process. Blockchain has been exceptionally influential when it comes to real estate and the deal between buyer and seller.

With that in mind, we are poised to revolutionize the real estate industry with our solution.

Blocities offers effective property management, extensive property documentation, effective property search, and secured financing & payment systems.

Challenges with properties
in most places

Documents Validity
Right Ownership
Hidden Taxes
Counterfeit Deed Of Assignment
Property Multi-Sold
Counterfeit Certificate Of Occupancy
Government Acquisition Properties
Inconclusive Transactions
Lack Of History
Stolen Lands

Real Estate
and the Web3

For properties the blockchain has the potential to change the way we do business. We have developed smart contracts, which will enable property contracts, escrows, property records (deeds, for example) to be completed and monies distributed without title companies or attorneys. These contracts are often compared to a vending machine concept: You deposit your money, and the machine spits out a product with no human intervention.

Shortly, it may be possible for a homebuyer to buy a home and complete the sale (along with escrow and title insurance). The blockchain will ensure that the buyer gets the title or deed, and the seller gets the cash (via a cryptocurrency). The blockchain will also record the title or deed to the appropriate public records, such as a state in Nigeria or similar.

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Why should you buy properties on Blocities

  • All properties have been duly verified before being hosted
  • All titles are recorded traditionally and on the blockchain, and for that reason they are immutable, secure, and transparent
  • Eliminating need for physical archives
  • Increased resilience of transactional data
  • Reliable ownership records
  • Secure and transparent for all users
  • Ending risk of duplicate sales and property theft
  • Boosting buyer confidence