Blocities utilize state-of-the-art technology — an unparalleled transaction platform, saving property data on decentralized storage by sellers using blockchain.

Our Services

The Blocities is a marketplace where sellers, buyers, agents, and real estate firms close a traditional property transaction entirely online. Both parties can manage and sign the purchase agreement, along with the disclosure, settlement statements, title report, and other relevant documents through the web in a secured blockchain format. Also, payments are received in fiats and bitcoin as all events that occurred until the final transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Blocities technology offers a form of shared record-keeping which is designed to be almost impossible to tamper with or alter. Blocities solutions functions through decentralized peer-to-peer platforms, building resilience against the spread of corrupted data and enhancing resistance to fraud.

With our platform there is a clear proof of transaction that exists on the immutable public ledger to certify digital ownership of the property. Therefore, it settles any future dispute on payment matters.


Who We Serve

Blocities touches all areas in title authenticity and closing services nationwide. Additionally, we are now poised to explore global markets in places like Africa, South America, Asia, and more. With custom technology, deep expertise, and a dedicated team, we offer individualized solutions based on your needs.

We’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing and we want you to sign on to join us.


Get the title transaction platform and resources you need to prepare for closing.


Get exceptional service and the best pricing possible on your single property or complex portfolio.


Close smoothy with quick turnaround times and a dedicated support team.


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Our dedicated team is here to support you and your clients through closing. We offer a single point of contact, secure and reliable communication, dependable signing agents, and the freedom to close anytime, anywhere — at the office, your home, or the coffee shop down the street.