We are Blocities, a leading national provider of property settlement and assessment services.

On our platform, if you own property assets, or if you are a real estate professional, our solution makes your job easier, faster, and more transparent for all parties involved.

We are a tech corporation at heart, but we have our sights set on improving the real estate industry. We see the value of blockchain technology within the real estate industry, and we have worked to design the most innovative title and settlement platform ever developed, with a variety of supporting technology to help streamline and clarify the property buying and selling process.

We offer active property management, extensive property documentation, property search, and secured financing & payment processes to improve the lives of agents, buyers, and sellers worldwide. We are committed to the secured purchase of assets and property using blockchain technology which eradicates fraud, illiquidity, and a general lack of transparency between the chosen mode of payment and hackable records of transactions.

At Blocities, we maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality while ensuring a fair return to our shareholder. Our services and solutions are custom designed and well-tailored to meet our client’s need.

Our team of professional, certified real-estate practitioners, certified blockchain strategists, and industry specialists are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are constantly striving to ensure that our clients enjoy the experience that we have to offer from end to end.

To achieve set-goals, we are committed to customer satisfaction and superior customer service. We communicate effectively with our clients to understand their needs. Our relationships with our clients are driven by performance, honesty, integrity, trust, and innovation. We value customer satisfaction and continuously strive to enhance all service by aiming for excellence at all levels of service provision. We guarantee customer satisfaction, trust with reliable and efficient service.

Mission Statement

At Blocities, we are on a mission to create a revolutionary blockchain-based platform for the real estate industry. Our platform provides safe and secure selling and buying of properties through the use of blockchain technologies. With a great sense of commitment to superior performance, we close real estate deals entirely online in fiat and bitcoin with the aid of cutting-edge technology.

Business Objectives

To become the premier blockchain based real-estate company that promote smooth buying and selling of property and assets.

To create a service-based company whose ambition is to exceed the customer’s expectations continually.

To maintain a steady growth in sales volume that will sustain the business long-term

To build a real-estate business tagged with excellence and exceptionality.

To create a at least 98% customer satisfaction rate to create long-term relationships with our customer and create oral marketing.

To achieve a consistently increasing marginal profit.

Our Offering

Simple user-experience.

Seamlessly track and record property.

Title government agencies, municipalities, and custom clients access a clean record of ownership.

Reduce title search time.

Increase transparency.

Our Goals

Success is the goal of every business. through success, it implies a large client base, frequntly increasing patronage, and hence, rapid business progress.

Our paramount goal is to provide our customers with effective and efficient real estate services and solutions using blockchain technology.

Our goal is also to run a business that will not only succeed in revenue and size but will also have a landmark impact locally and nationally.

Our Goals

Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and performance


Empowering individuals within and outside our company to help guide and inspire others

Honest and Trust

Being sincere in everything we say and do, and building relationships that people can trust

Open Communication

Fostering a corporate environment where information moves freely promptly.


Appreciating the individuality of each Blocities team member and advisor by acting in a professional manner


Sharing our ideas and projects in an open and supportive manner from our directors and staff to achieve greatness


Commit unwaveringly to ethical behavior and trustworthy interactions with our customers and employees


Emphasize on a professional development program for our employees that allows us to create a brand identity that resonates with today’s consumers.


Create a working system that promotes and encourages the best ideas and procedures to rise to the top and reward our members for their contributions.

Customer Service

Passion in knowing and understanding our customers and responding to their needs to ensure total customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Creating and enhancing value for all stakeholders by proactively seeking and implementing opportunities that drive and sustain higher levels of organizational performance and growth, cost effectiveness, and efficient delivery of services.

Accountability / Empowerment

Accepting responsibility, assuming ownership and taking full accountability for all our actions.

Our Principles

The following are the principles that guide Blocities not only collectively as a company but also as an individuals.

We will be true to ourselves and our aspirations.

We will plan for success and execute the plan.

We will build enduring and meaningful relationships.

We will cultivate a winning culture.

We will provide an affordable and sustainable living, serene, and fun-filled environment for clients and employees alike.

We will delight our clients by providing them services through continuous innovation and creativity in line with the best global practices.